What follows is my Family Portrait! These are The Cherished members of my household...

The Crystal Skull is an honest and truthful Care Giver. There are times that they seem to be and act as children. But that is an act that allows US of the Human Nation to more readily relate with and to these Ancient Sages. There is a resonance about these Entities that draw, entice and encourage us to draw ever closer to them, to trust and follow their advice. But there are also times that they can instill a fear and dread within one, that will frighten us from any association with that particular CS. It is my honor and privilege to be the custodian of 15 Lifesize representatives of these Task Masters (an Ammonite Fossil, Astrophylite, Banded Agate, Black Tibetan Quartz, Calligraphy Jasper, Cream Jade, Labradorite, Pietersite, Misty Quartz, Rose Quartz, Royal Dumortierite, Smelted Clear Quartz, Smokey Quartz, Sodalite and Rainbow Fluorite). An Honor that I encourage all to try at some time in their life. Just be aware, that there is nothing that can be hidden from their Gaze, AND that they are the Adult and that You are the Child. If you are unable to accept that as a fact of life then stay away from These Entities, for they have little patience with stupidity or prevarication.

My Crystalline First Aid Kit

These are the 24 tumbled stones that are included within my Crystalline, Chakra First Aid Kit. They are used for my creation of Elixirs, Essences, Infusions, Tinctures and Tisanes. And along with my Lemurian Seed Crystal Wand and Miniature Crystal Skulls are what I use for Shamanic Extraction Healing. The Mineral Nation and The Plant Nation are Powerful Allies. Since they both have powerful Vibrational Healing Fields, Their vibrations may be added to the universal solvent, Mother Earth's Blood. These Remedies may be taken internally (If they are not toxic). Or made into a balm, salve or poultice. This Crystalline Entity was obtained from Bob Lundgren of Blue Water Crystals...

Bob Lundgren of Blue Water Crystals at his eBay Store also has an Ultimate Chakra Set...

My Light Workers Necklace

This Necklace is worn during my every day activities.
Always hidden under my street clothes unless I am doing
a Dream Walk, Spirit Quest or
Hanbleceyapi which is pronounced as Hahng-blay-chay-yah-pea
which translated means a vision quest, (literally "crying for a vision") then I am "Sky Clad".

It is composed of Chevron Amethyst Beads, with (from left to right)
a Petalite, Moldavite and a Phenacite Pendant...

The 10mm Chevron Beads have come from Lisa Satin of Satin Crystals
The 31 carat Moldavite Pendant has come from Soo Mei Lee of aLdorable Gems
The 36 carat Petalite SS Wire Wrap Pendant has come from Jennifer Buckle of Sapphire Skies
The 43 carat Brazilian Phenacite SS Pendant has come from Bararba Yvette Allen of Crystal Moon
The Magnetic Barrel Catch and Pendant Hooks are from Sun Country Gems
The 7 strand Stainless Steel plastic coated wire and Silver Crimps are from Crazy Crow Trading Post

My Work Necklaces

These necklaces are composed of 7 Stands of 4 to 6mm Chip Beads.
1 strand for each of the 7 Sacred Directions.
The Necklaces on the Black manniquins are worn by my clients
and the ones on the white mannequins are worn by me during Crystal Healing.
The material for their construction was obtained from
Crazy Crow Trading Post, Sun County Gems and Color Wright's Turquoise and Gems Store
They are each composed of the Gemstone Beads,
Acculon (Tiger Tail) 7 Strand, (Silver coat) .018 Inch Stainless steel wire
and a magnetic barrel screw catch...

Amethyst Chip Bead Necklace Composed of Amethyst Chip Beads.
Citrine Chip Bead Necklace Composed of Citrine Chip Beads.
Fluorite Chip Bead Necklace Composed of 8 colors of Fluorite Chip Beads.
Lapis Lazuli Chip Bead Necklace Composed of Lapis Lazuli Chip Beads.
Obsidian / Onyx Chip Bead Necklace Composed of Obsidian and Onyx Chip Beads.
Turquoise Gemstone Chip Beads Necklace Composed of Stabilized Baja Turquoise Chip Beads.

My Bracelets

I have 2 each of each of the displayed bracelets. The material for their construction was obtained from
Crazy Crow Trading Post, Sun County Gems and Color Wright's Turquoise and Gems Store
They are each composed of the Gemstone Beads,
Acculon (Tiger Tail) 7 Strand, (Silver coat) .018 Inch Stainless steel wire
and a magnetic barrel screw catch...

has 27 each 6mm Azurite/Malachite (untreated) Round Beads
has 49 each 8mm x 4mm Fluorite Roundel Beads
has 26 each 7mm Hematite (manmade) Round Beads
has 8 each 12mm x 15mm Labradorite faceted rectangles and 9 each 9mm Seraphinite Round Beads
26 each 8mm Black Onyx Round Beads
has 21 each 9mm Seraphinite Round Beads
has 44 each 8mm x 4mm Sugulite Roundel Beads
has 24 each 8mm Stabilized Baja Turquoise Round Beads

Animal Spirit Guides Within Shamanism

My Introduction to the Crystal Skull

I have been involved with The Crystal since the 60's.
For over 40 years now and I know so little, and have SO very much yet to learn.

My first experience with a Crystal Skull occurred when I was in the midst of my first overseas tour (I am Retired USAF). While in Korea I studied what is now known as Haedong Kumdo {"The way of The Sword"}. So at the time I was used to the practice of meditation, and was not afraid of spirits (or so I thought). I had also thought that I had experienced pain (again my imagination). I was stationed at Taegu in the Southeast portion of Korea and I loved to prowl the streets, the stores and also meet the people. I had no problems with the Language because my guide was a ROK Army Captain. So I also had no problems with the business women.

One of the stores that I visited on that fateful October day in 1967 was one that specialized in crystal. When I entered the store, my eyes were irresistibly drawn to an opalescent glow. From the distance it looked like a humongous miss shapen pearl. When I got closer to it and my body blocked Grandfather Sun from shining upon it, I saw what looked like a head shaped milky ice cube. It was the ugliest thing in the store but its visage drew me. Something about it made me need, want and desire it. When I got within a foot of it the hairs on my arms and neck began to stand up. I then reached out for it and heard a snap like a 22 going off and saw a flash as if some one had snapped a high powered strobe in my eyes. The next thing I knew was that I was being helped to my feet by the interpreter and the shop keeper.
All they had seen ~ was me collapse on the floor, there were no loud sounds heard nor bright lights seen.

But I could feal a soft, whispery, feathery, mellow voice telling me that things were all right
~ and asking me if he could please join with me in my journeys.

And that was my first meeting with Ska Waunea Tanka which is pronounced as
{Shkah Whah-oong-hey-ah Tahng-kah}
a White Calcite Crystal Skull (aka Milky Calcite or Stellar Beam Calcite).

As it stands right now I am the custodian of 15 Lifesize Crystal Skulls.
I also have 81 of the wee ones that I use in my Shamanic Extraction and Chakra Healing Practices.

For all of the years that I have studied the Crystal, I have learned five major facts of life.

#1: You do not see and feel with your mind, for it can be tricked and lie to you.
#2: You Feel with your heart.
#3: You See with your gut (your intuition).
#4: You think and decide with your Faith.
#5 With your Spirit you embrace all Life and accept the sobering fact
that we are NOT the Master nor Lord of all Life,
For that facet of all existence belongs to the Great Spirit.

For even the lowly Ant and the mighty Eagle have a lesson to teach us. Ant teaches us patience and stamina. Ant shows us how to have the wisdom, the energy, the courage and the patience to live with and cooperate with our fellow inhabitants of Mother Earth. Eagle teaches us that it is okay to stretch our wings, as long as we combine wisdom and courage -- it is okay to be wise enough to know that a change needs to be made in one's life and then finding the courage and will to execute that change. Ant teaches us, that it is okay to gather and hoard our courage, for the universe presents us with numerous opportunities to soar above the mundane. Eagle teaches us that the true test that is life is the power to recognize and strive for those opportunities. In other words: Do not be afraid of the unknown nor the Shadow that may be Death, For if you Fear you will never know the Joy That Is Life. You have but to Embrace your fear and accept the wisdom, challenge and trials that come your way with courage to fly above life's difficulties ~ soaring above the trivial,
to Smell the Wind that is Freedom, and Embrace The Joy that is Life!

In general what follows applies to all Crystal. BUT, Please be aware that I am mainly speaking of the Physical Manifestations of the Metaphysical Entities that are commonly called The Crystal Skulls. And I am not speaking of one of The Ancient Thirteen of Native American Legend, for those long ago gifts of the Ancient Wise Ones have yet to make their presence known to us. The Entities that I speak of are those of our Spirit Guides that inhabit the silicon bodies that were crafted for them by today's Humankind.

Your Spirit (your total consciousness) is what empowers The Crystal. The energies of the crystals are activated and directed by the consciousness of the individual, By Your Consciousness, They are controlled. The tip of the crystal, or termination, is normally positive thereby receiving and storing energy. Within the Crystal Skull, this terminator is it's Eyes, Mouth and Nose. When you touch the crystal, the polarity changes and becomes negative, where it will thereby emit it's stored energy. The energy that now radiates from the terminator can be used by the Sensitive if they are prepared and ready. If you are not ready, or prepared the meeting can be quite devastating.
And as in my case, can even knock you head over tea kettle with the sensory overload of information.

First you prepare your mind and body by meditation and smudging,
Then you pose your query.
Then and only then, do you let the Crystal and your Spirit Guides search.
All of this
Before touching the crystal.
Finally you embrace what they are willing to give you
Not what you think should be given...

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